The new experiments of Oli diplomacy, the message of self-respect to the world.

"This moment is not end of time, it's a continuous process and we are here, remember it", there is the possibility of implementing this thought not only in the internal politics but in Oli’s diplomatic areas because of Abbasi's 'proactive move'.

Shubha Shankar  Kandel  
2018-03-07 08:50

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli who is going to hold the chairmanship of unified and powerful Nepal communist party (CPN)with long-term objectives, vision and message, used to claim he had been doing all task for the same mission. While being abducted before one and half year from the government he gave his meaningful speech at legislature claiming, “I do not work in haste; I will look up to the far horizon”. People could not believe the alliance of lefties on Asoj 17,20-74 BS that was sudden. There was question mark on the alliance of its future. Such question was not only outside but inside the high-ranking states of UML and Maoist (Centre) too.

Nepali Congress made the main slogan, ‘People could not express their sorrow, sharing the views is far behind the imagination if communist hold the government’. Oli reacted it is not necessary to stay in sorrow after the government of Communist. Now it should be in reality. Though leaders talked about nationalism, after they went to the government they will be as same of previous, such thought has deep rooted in general people. A lot of hurdles were adopted to prevent Oli from being succeeded in the government. After 70 days of election Oli was able to be the prime minister. Due to Maoist’s hesitation, the first phase of formation of the Council of Ministers could not be encouraging. After getting the conclusion that Oli could not be stopped from being Prime Minister, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi twice congratulated through telephone call and invited India to visit.
While doing this, Modi ignored the diplomatic protocol knowingly. More than that, in interest of Oli, Modi sent External Affairs Minister Susmasaraj to Kathmandu and showcase the best news and gestures that India is ready to work with Oli.

In the first instance, in Delhi, the deepest feeling that the new Prime Minister did not dictate was in Oli. That is why Oli was in favour of welcoming foreigners in Kathmandu without leaving foreigners abroad. Oli heartedly welcomed one of the most precious things that the Pakistani Prime Minister hoped to visit Oli. Perhaps the political and diplomatic scholars of Nepal probably did not think about it. They could not guess that Oli could go to this level. In the history of Nepal and Pakistan, after once the tour of Pak Prime Minister Benijir Bhutto in 1994, the tour of Pak Prime Minister Shahid Khauquan is the first Prime Minister to visit Nepal. In this regard, it is the first incident that Nepal Prime Minister welcomed foreign Prime Minister in Nepal on the occasion of congratulations. Similarly, Oli and his Pak counterpart have received historical diplomatic opportunities for the first time as a visit to congratulating mutation. In 2014 A.D. new Indian Prime Minister Modi took a new discussion by inviting all the government head of SAARC. But after 4 years of Modi’s tenure, he has given a lot of pain to most of the SAARC countries. He had blockaded Nepal for more than 5 months as could not promulgate Nepali Constitution as according to his agency. Surgical strikes against Pakistan have begun dramatically reached up to war oriented. Modi has clogged SAARC summit that has to take place in Islamabad. Bhutan which is it’s as of satellite too has doubled doubts by creating a dispute of Doklam. There is a great deal of concern by making excuses for China’s influence in Sri Lanka. Modi has played controversy role with China in Maldives’s crisis. India, which has been smuggling in the country of Balochistan to surprise Pakistan, has also reached to increase cold in friendship with Afghanistan. Afghanistan has been stepping forward on the path of political and economic partnership with China.  Meanwhile, the Karakoram Road, which is impossible, has reached China to Gwadar Port about to boarder of Iran, moving towards belt and road initiative. In such a situation, KP Oli, who is the Prime Minister with a mandate of about two-thirds, had to move ahead in the way to provide Nepal a significant country and status. In the work of opening the door of the Oli’s far-distance horizon, Pakistani counterpart’s contribution can be considered historical. Kathmandu tour of Pak Prime Minister can be taken as starting. Soon, before the tour of any foreign country of Nepalese Prime Minister, head of the Government of China and other South Asian countries government head have already been preparing to visit Kathmandu. Oli said during the election campaign, “any country or geography or population can be small or larger, but sovereignty is equal.” In reality, Oli has started practically confirming this at the begining time of ruling. Nepal also needs to play regional roles as being SAARC Chairmanship. The SAARC summit that has to be held in Islamabad one year ago has been stopped due to India. Overseas foreign policy should be considered as a regional message by the Prime Minister’s visit to move towards the direction of removing all kinds of barriers during the increase in bilateral and regional partnerships in the South Asian level. Stress between the two molecular nations of South Asia is certainly a matter of regional concern. Due to the fact that India being the biggest country in SAARC should concern about problems and should not take any kind of ‘ego’ for solutions, it is being delayed to understand that it is more fatal for itself.
In this direction, Nepal visit of Pak Prime Minister can also contribute to India to resolve the problem. Similarly, if India takes lesson from this, regional peace and hopeful peace talk with Pakistan can be moved forward, it will be more beneficial for Modi itself. Of course, while visiting Nepal’s adjacent Modi, Oli is expected to raise this issue because completing the SAARC conference is not only a formality but Nepal’s duty too. In the  upcoming general election of 2019 A.D in India and the election going to be held in Pakistan this year, Pakistan and SAARC will be the most controversial election issues differently. Modi’s foreign policy is not only in South Asia but has failed in all. At the moment, the policy of Modi’s ‘Neighbor first’ policy has changed into ‘tension to Neighbor’. This issue is certain that the opposition of Modi is to raise it in a highly in general elections. At that time too, there will also be the good example of the Oli-Abbasi meeting. More over Oli-Abbasi Kathmandu talk will be the subject of debate on global issues not only in South Asia, till it’s upcoming long-term because China has become a compulsory force in South Asia as one of the observer country in SAARC. China’s Belt and Road Initiative has mostly populated in South Asia. In India, China has been helping to make Modi’s home state a high-tech city, but recently, President Xi Jinping announced 24 billion dollar assistance for Bangladesh. Many similar projects have been completed in Sri Lanka. The world-famous China Pakistan Corridor has not only been completed in Pakistan, even in the language of government work, Chinese language has been included. Nepal had already agreed to join with BRI in the first tenure of PM Oli with China and in the second one, Nepal useful activities of China project within a month will be increasingly increasing. Therefore China is not only the observer of the South Asian country but has become a major partner. This illustration will not be considered wrong to give a clear message to the end of the Indian monopoly period. For Nepal, it is also our best to reflect on our initiative. Therefore, in the words of KP Oli, this can also be interpreted. “This moment is not end of time, it’s a continuous process and we are here, remember it”, there is the possibility of implementing this thought not only in the internal politics but in Oli’s diplomatic areas because of Abbasi’s ‘proactive move’.
It is clear that Nepal and Pakistan have different views, social, culture and nature, but it is clear that national sovereignty and equality are the same. The development of historical friendship involves the meaning of the same sense of goal and intention, not to be distressed and unhappy. As China and Pakistan are as “All Weather Friend”, it’s the right time for Nepal to start the end of the era of “Seasonal Friend”. Possibly this message will be the birthplace of Oli-Abbasi if can get the right lesson from history. Oli’s diplomatic move should definitely be taken as an indication of the advancement of the head heading towards Nepal. Of course it does not mean that challenge has been over. Like chance, new forms of challenge can also be easily opened. But there is no shortage of the incident that many records are maintained for the internal unity of the external challenges in regard to Nepal. The same direction is the last experiment of the unity between the two communist parties. Its psychological and organizational force can be considered as force for Oli to pace faster.

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